Opening: Thursday, 15th February at 7:30 p.m.
Exhibition dates: February 15th 2018 – April 14th 2018
imatge expoObserving a painting by Gabriele Fettolini is like gradually turning on the light in a dark room. While the eye explores the surface of the fabric, colours appear and change gradually, degrade, subtly intensify until they reveal lines, details and finally, perhaps, shapes.

Fettolini’s works bring the observer to the threshold of the perception of colour and shape. They ask for time, patience and will to observe and measure one’s own perceptual limit, both visually and emotionally.

Fettolini’s paintings are places in transformation where layers of acrylic colour, superimposed meticulously, generate fleeting chromatic changes, a characteristic feature of light. We invite you to discover, in this exhibition, the way Fettolini creates those abstract images at the limit of figuration.

In the words of art critic Claudio Guarda: “Freedom and chance coexist in the body of a painting, resulting in unity and synthesis. Gabriele Fettolini transforms painting in a mirror of life: the counterpoints of strokes and colour, that overcome limits and contractions, order and chaos, mobility and stasis, are comparable to human dualism, always in balance between body and mind, between reality and aspirations, between the weight of matter and the transcendence of spirit (or light).”

Gabriele Fettolini was born in Faido (Switzerland), studied art at the school of fine arts in Sion and at the University of Bern.

Since 1985, he has been carrying out an extensive work in solo and group exhibitions both in Switzerland and in Barcelona, where he currently lives and works.

His works are part of important national and international collections

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