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The origins of matter

Opening: November 25th from 12 a.m.
Exhibition: 25th November 13rd January

We present, for the first time at our venue, a solo exhibition by Germán Consetti, an Argentinean artist based in Barcelona since 2000. With this exhibition, the gallery wants to give a voice to the work of this promising artist who has found his strongest expression through the simplicity of the materials he works with: metal, wood and clay.

The exhibition displays recent and previous works that often illustrate the form and fundamentals of Consetti’s artistic research from “the origins of matter”.

In the text that accompanies the catalogue of the exhibition, Bernat Puigdollers goes through the origins of the artist's sculptural vocation, his artistic referents and his interest in humble, worn, old materials, are rooted, as well as his interest in craftworks. A central axis of his work can be identified in self-knowledge and in the use of art as a cathartic and therapeutic instrument. For these reasons, “Germán Consetti’s work is somewhat harsh, with a tendency towards the absolutes – but it always leaves room for ambiguity, with perfectly unfinished ends, with somewhat sensitive yet harsh textures.”.

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