Imatge portada

Sculptor’s drawings

Opening: September 28th from 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 28th September– 3rd November

EXTENDED until 18th November

This project represents a further step in Lluís Blanc’s research on materials, a research developed throughout his forty years of career. The work presented today culminates in the elimination of the sculptural form itself.

In this series, the two-dimensionality is forsaken through a subtle work on flat marble surfaces. It represents firstly the return of the artist to the roots of the sculptor’s work: drawing and sketch. Secondly, it minimizes the importance of light and shadow since, in the artist’s opinion, three-dimensionality has already exhausted all its expressiveness.

Letting the materials speak, Blanc elevates to lyricism his minimal interventions on stone through simple folds, holes and cracks. The result are minimal basreliefs, physical metaphors of "sculpture as flesh" (J. Vidal, 2007) where interventions become open wounds in the skin of the stone.

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