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Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson

Opening: Thursday May 18th 2017 at 7.30 p.m.
Exhibition dates: May 18th 2017 – July 21st 2017 - Extended until September 22nd 2017

In this series of twenty black stoneware sculptures the artist finds her creative output in fluid organic shapes, osseous structures and architectural landscapes to give her personal and subconscious response to the world around her.

Thompson adopts a creative process defined by a steady series of instinctive and dynamic decisions leading to investigate shapes and materials. In this constant investigation, imperfections often represent a starting and ending point of her work. For the artist, first and foremost, a work must have a self-contained vitality, an energy accumulated in time, a vibrant and yet calm inner life that goes beyond the object it represents.

The energy of the pieces, in their silent, imposing, black shapes, represents in fact, the strength of the whole series.

Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson graduated in 3D Design and Ceramics in Bath (United Kingdom). She relocated to Hackney in 1995, working in the buzzing East London area. She later returned to the West Country and then to Wales to continue her artistic exploration, this time inspired by the tranquillity and strong beauty of the landscape of the Wye Valley.

Thompson has been living and working in Barcelona for the past twelve years. She went on to co-found a vibrant artists' studio in Barcelona and today she works from her sculpture studio collaborating with galleries, international designers and architects worldwide.

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