Llum obscura
Joan Soler Rebassa

The works displayed in “Llum Obscura” (Obscure Light) represent a panoramic view on the artistic research path that Joan Soler, artist and architect from Majorca (Sòller, Majorca, 1965) has undertaken in recent years.

Soler returns to Barcelona after a long journey that in the last year brought his works to Huelva, Huesca and the Matadero exhibition hall in Madrid. The show at ÀMBIT Galeria d’Art will also present his latest works on chalk.

The compositions in Joan Soler’s paintings, with their geometric lines and their light colours, condense an intimate and deep reflection about the interior and exterior worlds as well as the ambiguity of appearances.

The harmony of colours and forms dominates the aesthetics of his works, where geometry contrasts with random shapes of sinuous and almost intangible smoke.

Soler’s works are abstract landscapes of contrast, the synthesis of a controlled disorder, a quiet and at the same time restless space. His works become the mirror of reality, an oxymoron where good and evil coexist, where cruelty and fierce hide behind aesthetic values such as beauty, order and harmony.

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