Escultura és cultura

When the contemporary art world appears trapped between global economies and futile appearances, it is time to remember and claim the importance of art as expression of culture and generator of culture.

This exhibition is an homage to sculpture and its ability to communicate with a powerful, direct and real language, made of metal, marble, steel, wood, polyethylene and bronze.

The collective exhibition displays works by eight artists: 16 sculptures that express the dialogue between sculpture and creator, between creator and society, between formats and materials, with the aim to generate an open dialogue with the observer.

We hope you will enjoy it, since sculpture is culture.

Lorenzo Cambin
Born in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1958.
School of Artistic Industry, Lugano, decorative arts section. Institute of Urbino, chalcography section; Brera Academy of Milan, painting section.
Lives and works in Sorengo, Switzerland.

Ferran Cartes
Born in Tortosa, Tarragona, in 1943. Devotes himself to sculpture since 1977. His work is the result of an evolution starting at the beginning of the seventies. His works are influenced by the intensity of expressionism and by the architectonic dimension of his works, cantered on the study of walls movements. Lives and works in Barcelona.

Tony Cassius
Born in Paris, France, in 1949.
He moved to? Aude, France, in 1974. In his works, the warmness of wood is associated with the coldness of metal in a continuous research of balance between proportions, emptiness and fullness.
Lives and works in Fa, France, since 1975.

Germán Consetti
Born in Río Cuarto, Argentina, in 1975.
Materialises images and archetypes that build our collective imagery. His work leaves apart the aesthetic research and focuses on the emotions inside materials. He is inspired mainly by literature and drawing.
Works and lives in Barcelona since 2000.

Luís Cortés
Born in Zaragoza in 1953.
He studied drawing and painting at Don Alejandro Cañada studio and at Sant Jordi School of Fine Arts. He realized works linked to mobile sculptures and movement studies for the production of special effects for cinema.
Lives and works in Barcelona.

Franco Monti
(Milan, 1931 – Ibiza, 2008)
Since his youth, Monti was interested in sculpture, especially in African sculpture. Since the fifties he devoted himself to the study of what at that time was called “primitive” cultures. In the eighties he moved to Ibiza where he focused exclusively on his concrete creations.

Marie-France Veyrat
Born in Lyon, France.
Fascinated especially by sculpture, installations and land art, she practices painting, digital art, and textile art, with a constant interest for research and experimental works.
Professor of textile art, since 2006 she is the President and co-founder of the ARCO-BEEP prizes on electronic art and new technologies. She is taking part in different creative projects regarding electronic art. Since 2014 she is part of the artistic commission of NAF (New Art Foundation).
Since 1976, she works and lives between Barcelona and Baix Camp.
Her work can be commented technically and evaluated aesthetically, but mainly it can be appreciated sensitively. It is not a simple plastic product, it is an experimentation where materials melt with senses to create art, in its most genuine meaning.
“Experimentation as art”, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, critic and art history expert.

Helene Yousse
Born in Paris in 1966
Graduated in Fine Arts (Perpinyà, France) and Art History.
Since 1994 she lives between Gaüses (Empordà) and Candé (Charente Maritime), France.

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