GERARD SALA "Vers-Universe-Nature Painting, Brush-Bird"

Opening: November 19th at 7.30 p.m.
Exhibition: Until January 16th, 2016.

Gerard Sala (Tona, Barcelona, 1942), studied painting at the Massana School, at the School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi and the School of mural painting of Sant Cugat del Vallés. In 1979 he begins his work as a painting professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona, where he is currently emeritus professor. The artist has made about fifty solo exhibitions and has participated in more than a hundred group exhibitions.

The career of Gerard Sala has a key date: in 1969 he begins to represent topics that he finds fascinating such as gravity, flotation or the concept of infinite space.
This fascination, together with the discovery of Taoist philosophy, marks a line of work where humanism, nature, poetry and spirituality are constants that connect with the issues that  he still continues to work with today.

Sala feels the need to express the mysticism of nature and from his workshop, his creative and contemplative temple, the artist represents the fundamental elements of his work: air, water, light.
No tangible elements where blue, his blue, traces itineraries that take place in the form of rivers between the stars, constellations and planets. Starting from 1997, and as a result of his need to complement his pictorial language, comes the sculptor Gerard Sala arrives.   Schematic forms of fish, snakes, wings, aura, birds, made with elements such as wood, stone and oxidized iron, shape a conceptual and stylistic unity with paint.

But the artist also knows how to capture the fragile and brief instant of time through words.
A vocational poet, Gerard paints the poems and  explains poetry through the essential aspects of man, nature and immateriality.  Catalan artist Ràfols-Casamada,  in the preface of his book  Amb la veu als ulls   (with the voice in the eyes) Viena, 2001, explained “poetry of a painter, painting of a poet (…), a world where poetry is intensely present , where eyes always have the words”.

ÀMBIT Galeria d’Art is pleased to present a magnificent exhibition of this artist-poet in which painting and sculptures convey the particular view of an artist seeking the relationship between man and cosmos.  Where elements of timeless source are explained through the sound of the river, the flight of a bird, the stars. Gerard Sala invites us on a journey through the spirituality that inhabits the intangible.

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