From 4th. June, to 31th. July, 2015

María Balcells (Sabadell, Barcelona, 1966), has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Since her first exhibition, her paintings had a limited palette and linear strokes. Over time, she has been purifying her language and nowadays she expresses herself by the drawing as a way to capture an introspective look. Maria Balcells has lived in Italy, Indonesia, Greece and currently resides in the United States. These life experiences have influenced her personal journey and consequently her own iconography.

Maria’s drawings mapped forms and make us think in organic matter, traces, wounds, fragments of lives covered under the magnification of the microscope. Her traces, obsessively repeated, seem out of time, without horizon, shaping a memory.

Maria Balcells seeks for answers to natural structures and works around the idea of memory, in a very broad sense. As a legacy of the past, as a present reality, as an inter-generational link, as a personal memory, as a benchmark for our own circumstances, as scars, as neural connections, as a sediment of old age.

In the words of Ricard Mas: “The Maria’s scale, in this work are, geological or biological speaking, ahistorical. There are no goals, no conjuncture, and no horizon as the vanishing point in the space-time. The scope of her work is limbic”.

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