Xano Armenter

Xano Armenter (Las Palmas, 1956) studied graphic design and art at the Eina School in Barcelona between 1973 and 1980. He later traveled to New York where he settled, completing his studies at the School of Visual Arts with Milton Glaser (1981), and doing engraving at the New York Academy (1982).


During the 80s and 90s the artist lived in New York and later Los Angeles, where he experimented with features that are a constant in his work today: urban landscapes and scenes of his studio, but above all the individual. All these elements are styled and purified in a work that shifts from figuration to abstraction, from detail to the general, from the individual to the mass, from outside to in, moving from color to black and white.

Xano is an artista with a broad exhibition portfolio, and his work is in prívate and public collections in Spain, the USA, France, Britain and Japan. He currently lives and works in Barcelona.