From 12th. February, to 11th. April, 2015

"...there comes a time when I see my work and myself as the same element."

Núria Guinovart (Barcelona, 1961). In her early years, the artist worked with wood, iron and glass, but in 2006 she discovers concrete, material with which she currently works and has, since then, become her language.
Guinovart explores the space and interacts with the concrete with incisions painted with tar and which speak about her soul. Her deep and poetic discourse leads to the search for an intimate space, where matter acts as a reflection of emotions.

The artist returns to Àmbit four years after her first exhibition, with the same discourse, though more mature and consolidated. As she explains, in her later work her intention has been “to contribute with a language that corresponds with the time in which I live." Guinovart continues with the same incisions, but now her restlessness has produced chemical reactions and she presents a work where rust emanates powerfully the cement. Oxide, loaded with feelings and intentions, provides an unexpected dialogue with the monochrome concrete and conveys the poetic world of the artist. In the words of art critic Arnau Puig: "(...) Maybe it's the hope of that which is possible, that admits all directions and where all densities fit. All of this: stains, scratches, words, ... "
Núria Guinovart has extensive experience in both solo and group exhibitions, and her work has been selected for numerous competitions and has won several awards. We hope this show unveils your interest, and we wish to welcome you in the course of the opening



XAVIER RUIZ COLLANTES "Insurgent creatures"

From 5th. March, to 11th. April, 2015

Xavier Ruiz Collantes (Molledo, Cantabria,1957)holds a PhD in Information Sciences by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Between 1982 and 1993 Collantes taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and in recent years he has been a professor at the School of Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University.
Alongside his teaching, X. Ruiz Collantes has always had a vocational tendency towards the arts. In fact, as he explains, he has continually drawn and painted: during long meetings, commuting by public transport… anywhere and in any occasion.
He is currently making his creations with digital systems, believing that the future of media production is in these two-dimensional images. X. Ruiz Collantes proposes a graphic digital work, rich in variations and nuances, in which he uses many expressive resources.

The aversion of Ruiz Collantes towards pretension and ostentation of power takes him deeper into the psychology of his characters to explain the society around us: grotesque and caricature drawings constructed as a reflection of worldly life.

The skeptical and critical sense in which the author conceives his characters, so they appear complacent and endearing at the same time, cannot be ignored by the viewer. Criticism is necessary in a time of social crisis; this "Insurgent Creatures" speak about the meaning of life fleeing transcendence and submission.

We are pleased to present Xavier Ruiz Collantes and hopethis show unveils your interest.