Sophie Aguilera • Clara Cortés • Anna Llimós • Blanca Miró • Anna Tilche


Opening: 27 June at 7.30 p.m.
Exhibition: 28 June – 5 October 2019

The exhibition entitled MEDIUMS includes a selection of pieces by 5 young artists working with different techniques and materials.
The title refers, on the one hand, to the role of the artist as a vehicle of communication, and on the other to the variety of technical means used in the artists’ proposals: photography and video, drawing, ceramics, metal and textile. We want to focus on the artist as a communicative vector of a more or less explicit concept, a connection link between sender and receiver common in any creative intervention.

Sophie Aguilera works with ceramics creating compositions of hyper realistic and surrealist still lifes, the technical skill of the ceramist becomes the instrument to generate surprise and curiosity in the observer, creating a subtle game between real and illusory.

Clara Cortés, inspired by the ideas of Jean Baudrillard, of the image as a simulacrum of reality, uses cognitive failure as an exercise for deep observation. In her videos and photographs she transforms the ordinary into a point of formal and conceptual abstraction. Through her works she guides the observer's attention to overcome the formal objectivity of the image and linger on its metaphysical beauty.

Anna Llimós plays with the perception of time and space, within the limits of individual memory. The mental images of familiar spaces, learnt by heart and internalized through their details, are superimposed images on the memory, they change, become darker and erase. The Palimpsest, manuscript that is used, erased and reused, is transformed into a metaphor of memory, that is capable of keeping record of all its previous writings.

Blanca Miró, with her characteristic style of simple, natural lines and intense colors, in this project brings her drawn characters to the three dimensions. Her subjects arise from what she defines as the pleasure and goal of making: being able to stop opting for the comfort and security of logicality and get involved into a magical process dominated by the absence of rationality, but still reaching a final form which is explicitly logical to others. This is the process of mediation that guides the artist towards the exploration of the most various shapes, colors and materials.

The textile paintings of Anna Tilche lead the observer to a tactile and visual experience. The variety of the textures, depending on the knot shape, the type of fabric or its treatment, can be soft and cozy, hard and rigid, and contribute to create an object-based work reminding a warm simplicity and familiarity.

In Anna's compositions the patient and precise gesture of weaving is expressed with spontaneity and joy. The memory of the observer is awaken by the contrast of volumes, the geometric shapes of the work and its chromatic vivacity.