21· 03 · 2019 | 19.30 h

Exhibition: 22 · 03 · 2019 - 22 · 06 · 2019



ÀMBIT Galeria d’Art presents the work of Ukrainian artist OKsana, exhibiting for the first time in Barcelona.

With her irrepressible artistic spirit and overflowing creative energy, Oksana is a multifaceted artist. Her brilliant career is distinguished by her constancy and intensity, where there is always a place for doubt, and thus for creative research.

With her curious, investigative spirit, the artist takes on high impact, present-day topics through formal abstractions. Her work often explores the human condition in contemporary life, as described by Kostyantyn Doroshenko, one of the most prestigious Ukrainian art critics, in the text featured in this catalogue.

In our gallery we present a selection from two series dealing with contemporary subject matter, including life, technology and energy supply. The acrylic paintings of black on black in “Total Wi-Fi” are seen alongside the particle-sculptures in “Helium 3”, which scattered about the gallery space make up a large-format installation.

This selection of work seeks to provide a perspective on the reflective and suggestive world of OKsana’s art. The exhibition constitutes an experience that is both formal and conceptual, where ideas and technical skills combine to create a direct and profound communicative force that visitors to the gallery are invited to experience.