A quattro mani
Paola Masi / Benet Rossell

“A quattro mani” is an intense collaboration between Paola Masi, an Italian ceramist working with us since 2014, and Benet Rossell, an established artist and lifelong friend of the gallery, recently passed away.

Following the historical collaboration between painters and potters we wanted to reassert the gallery’s role as a spark that triggers synergies between creators, with a project that consolidates and, in a way, condenses the commitment to emerging artists and the constant support to consolidated creators that have characterised ÀMBIT Galeria d’Art for more than thirty years.

This four-handed collaboration between Masi and Rossell continued between October and july 2016 and has been able
to generate unique moments during the creative process —in which both artists have accompanied each other— and during the mutual exchange of viewpoints between a master and a bright hope of contemporary art.

The result is manifest in the exhibits, which express both unquestionable technical skills and an intimate and funny interplay between their deep sensibilities. The video “A quattro mani” will be displayed during the exhibition. Produced by Benet Rossell and Adolf Alcañiz, describes the process and is a conversation between Paola anb Benet.

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