INKA MARTÍ "Paisajes de viento"

From 16th. April, to 30th. May, 2015

“How solid does our world seem, and yet nothing is more than grains of sand.”
Farid Ud-Din Attar, The conference of the birds.

Inka Martí Kiemann (Westfalia, Germany, 1964). Studied Spanish philology at the University of Barcelona and afterwards worked as a television journalist in cultural and informative programs, field where she developed a significant work until the end of the 90’s.

In 2005 she began a new phase as co-editor at Ediciones Atalanta and in 2011 she began her career as a photographer due to the publication of her book, Cuaderno de Noche (her Dream Journal) which led her to discover photography. Inka Martí wanted to materialize the dream images recounted in her book and capture the light which shines in those dreams. This "small obsession" –as she calls it— takes shape with the publication, in digital form, of her first photo catalogue, Espacios Oníricos (Dream Spaces), where she recounts, through images, a subtle and invisible universe.

As she explains, Inka feels the need to talk about beauty as opposed to the degradation around us. The series of photographs, that she presents for the first time in our gallery, defines a unique exhibition carefully chosen. In Paisajes de viento (Landscapes of wind), beauty takes shape in these twenty-three photographs where the artist dispenses with color to offer the white light she sees in her dreams. Dreams that, through her camera, come to life and show us her inner being.

Inka Martí has presented her photographs in group exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris. Paisajes de viento is her first solo exhibition and the opening will be presented by J.F. Yvars, historian and art critic.

Furthermore, this exhibition has been chosen by ÀMBIT Galeria d'Art to participate in the second edition of "El Paper de l’Art" (The Art of Paper).

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