From 19th. September to 29th. November, 2014.

ÀMBIT Galeria d'Art is pleased to invite you to visit  "Painting in BCN".

This exhibition, selected by Xano Armenter, a well-known artist with strong ties to our gallery, shows the work of a small group of "foreigners" who arrived to Barcelona after the creative explosion of the Olympics. A city that they see, in the words of Xano  "… in an optimistic and trusting way, as vital and pleasant. They also consider it to be equally generous with regards to culture, opportunities, diversity and enjoyment!”.
Ten artists who chose to live and work among us and give a renewed vision for the future in a city that has so many possibilities. And in this spirit, using different conceptual and aesthetic approaches from varied work, all of them have a quality  "(...) that of a painting that seeks to detain time".
With this exhibition we would like to render homage to the tourists who come to visit us and to those who, seduced by Barcelona, have decided to live and work amongst us.

Artistic life in the city is subdued but we do not want to ignore the talent moving through its streets, bursting as it is with possibilities.

We cordially invite you to visit this exhibition and we hope you will enjoy it.