Nuria Guinovart (Barcelona, 1961)

Núria Guinovart was born in Barcelona in 1961. A self-taught artist, her beginnings relate to the workshop where Josep Guinovart was also active. In her career she has also used wood, iron and glass, but in 2006 she traveled to Bergamo to learn the art of encaustic in the workshop of Antonio De Martino. It was there that she discovered concrete, a material she has worked with since then, becoming key to her expressive language.


Núria Guinovart avoids superfluous abstract compositions and uses neutral colors, mainly gray, giving her paintings an aspect of toughness. Still, looking at her works we see the vitality of a painting full of feeling and emotion in which the artist expresses passion, pain, life and death. With her gray backgrounds, Guinovart is able to wield a poetic discourse where textures and shapes convey a deep and silent intimacy.


Núria Guinovart has extensive experience in both solo and group exhibitions, and her work has been selected for numerous competitions and has won several awards.