Miguel Angel Para (Barcelona, 1962)

Miquel A. Para (Barcelona, 1962) studied for degrees in Molecular Biology and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, and since the nineties has been working as an artist. Influenced by the biological knowledge of his training, his work moves between the scientific world and the art world, in a quest for beauty through natural elements. These influences have led the artist to create a personal language that shapes his own particular universe.

In his exhibitions the work of Miquel A. Para moves between abstraction and figuration, where his organic world, full of symbols, signs and fragments, is set in contrast to inert nature. This contradiction between life and death, between movement and stillness, between chaos and order, have made the artist a painter of feelings. The use of paper, wood and wax gives his paintings an exceptional subtlety and lyricism.


His work can be found in several private European collections.