Lorenzo Cambín (Lugano, 1958)

Lorenzo Cambín was born in Lugano (Switzerland) in 1958. Cambín trained artistically at the Art Centre School in Lugano (Decorative Arts Section) and also frequented the Institute of Urbino, in the section of chalcography. In 1984 he graduated from the Brera Academy in Milan, specializing in painting.


His work, of a mostly sculptural character, connects nature with arte povera using materials such as clay, wood, paper and iron.These are the main elements Cambín combines with great delicacy, bringing out qualities of weightlessness. In Cambín the minimum is taken into account, and the smallest detail is taken care of in an artisanally laborious way. His work is a play of scales and heights, evoking miniature landscapes and volatile shapes, all amidst a warm abstraction. The artist thus manages to create an ever-poetic dialogue in which all elements are interrelated.

Cambín has large-scale public works in the Canary Islands, Andorra, France and Switzerland, as well as in private collections.