Josep M. Codina (Mataró, 1958)

Codina trained academically at the Pau Gargallo school and at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Barcelona. Later he set off on his career under the influence of his teachers, Arenas and Novellas, evenutally coming to create his own pictorial language, with remarkable structural complexity and plastic order. If at first this work was a translucent representation of the human body, later on it would move towards experimentation into abstraction, as Codina became a painter of sensations.


In his work the artist uses materials such as paper (often handmade), wood, paraffin and wax, giving his graphites exceptional subtlety and lyricism.

His work can be found in major collections, such as the Pompeu Fabra Library, Mataró, the Col•lecció Testimoni de la Fundació ‘la Caixa’, Barcelona, the Museum of Modern Art, Tarragona, and the Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona.