Johanes Zacherls (Starnberg, 1966)

Johannes Zacherl was born in Starnberg, Germany, in 1966. He studied philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität in Munich, and later studied Fine Arts at the École Regionale des Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême, the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Limoges, and the École des Beaux-Arts in Perpignan.


Heir to the German expressionists, Zacherl’s work devours everything around it and turns the most energetic motifs into bright colors, conveying a foreground emotion.The artist uses a strong and captivating language, which moves with special confort in large formats, although very often he begins with the dark gray tone of the canvas, letting the fabric come to the fore. Zacherl usually works in series: sunflowers, fish, and again sunflowers, off-scale vegetation that is part of his ongoing research.

Zacherl’s passionate work is found in collections in France and Russia, as well as in Catalunya.