Ferran Cartes (Tortosa, 1943)

Ferran Cartes was born in Tortosa (Tarragona) in 1943. Since 1977 Cartes has been dedicated to sculpture, and his work is the result of an evolution that began in the early seventies, with works influenced by the intensity of expressionism. Later his work would take on an architectural dimension. His artistic maturity came in 2000 with a solo exhibition at the Ebro Museum in Tortosa, entitled "Stones of Water”, where his sculpture found a formal release, grounded on the application of cuts and colours.


In 2003 ÀMBIT Galeria d’Art exhibited Cartes's work for the first time as "River Esculptures", where the artist came into direct contact with nature in offering up the beauty and memory of the stones. In a second exhibition in 2009, entitled "Torsions", the artist played with the volumes and tones of pure materials such as marble and wood, proposing a way by which the soul of the stone might emerge. In a 2012 exhibition, the artist delved into the movement of Walls, evoking the nobility of the human being in highly sinuous forms.