Benet Rossell (Ager, 1937 - Barcelona, 2016)

Àger, Lleida 1937 – Barcelona, 2016. Rossell was an innovative and tireless creator who studied in such diverse fields as economics, law, sociology, theater and documentary film. Linked to the conceptual art of Paris in the sixties and to the New York avant-garde, in the late eighties he moved to Barcelona, where he continued to work within a world of infinite signs.

Rossell is an unclassifiable artist, and his work is a construction of fragmented images in a calligraphy of art and poetry. His creations have the rhythm and vital instinct of an artist who is equally a performer, musician, poet, writer, filmmaker and sculptor. Rossell has one of the most complex and daring artistic corpuses of contemporary Spanish art. Over his long career he has developed an original script based on ideograms and pictograms that do not pertain to any linguistic code. ountless signs, icons and calligrams make up a unique and personal vocabulary where calligraphy, painting and writing are merged.