Erpeldinger (Lorraine, 1936)

Erpeldinger was born in Lorraine, in 1936. 

He was formed in the Ecole Nationale des Artes Décoratifs of Nancy and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts of Paris.

In his first compositions, rythmic constructions treated in a limited palette, the artist captured organic shapes and still life. But there also prevailed the classic lines that give Erpeldinger works a barroque style.  Both tendencies have constituted the artistic universe of the artist, where he gives freedom to imagination and  shows an artistic riches.

Influenced by art déco, the work of Erpeldinger reflects a regular harmony, achieving in each canvas a conciliation between the free pulsion and the most rigourous mind exercise.

At present  Erpeldinger's painting has returned back to the initial point, and still faces the paradox between the impulse and it mental world. The painting of Erpeldinger is not easy, but captures the spectator's look thanks to the harmony of colours and the construction of its almost theatrical shapes where the women's figure is almost present.