Arranz Bravo (Barcelona, 1941)

Eduard Arranz-Bravo was born in Barcelona in 1941. In 1959 Arranz-Bravo studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he became friends with Bartolozzi, an artist with whom he would maintain an intense creative collaboration. Bartolozzi was an important influence on his work, and together they created a series of murals in public spaces in Barcelona.

During one of his trips to Paris he met Miquel Masriera, a physician who later would present his exhibition at the Ateneu Barceloní, drawing critical attention thanks to his personal, non-conformist work, as his paintings would invite viewers to share in his profound interest in human questions. The figures are blurred, as we can feel the artist’s fears and internal struggles against repression. The body in its fullest sense evokes deliriums and torsions of characters that speak of mystery and the ephemeral.

In his long career the artist has won several awards, including the II International Biennial of Sport Award, the Estrada Saladich Biennial Award and the Inglada-Guillot Award. His work can be found at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, the Museum of Fine Arts in Vitoria, the Museum of Sao Paulo, the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville and the MOMA in NewYork, amongst other spaces.